About Us

Welcome to LPdesign!

Our journey started with the realization that there were limited options when it came to clothing that represented individuals in their profession. We wanted to offer people the opportunity to find shirts that are tailored to the interests of niche professions, making them perfect for individuals who want to look professional but express their personality through their clothing.

We understand that comfort is essential as well as style. That's why we use the highest quality materials to create shirts that are not only comfortable but also durable. Our shirts are designed to be worn in both casual and professional settings, allowing you to make a statement piece effortlessly.

At our shop, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to wear clothing that represents who they are and what they do. Our unique shirts are tailored currently towards engineers and realtors but we have many more ideas in the works. 

We are committed to providing you with high-quality, unique, and tailored shirts that you will love to wear. 

With all the love,